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Shichimi Togarashi

Seasonings or the art spices to combines

The preparation of seasonings is an art in itself. Every Country, every culture have their own seasonings

It is very difficult to create a Seasoning. You need a great knowledge of Spices, sure instinct, a fine taste and courage to try.

In all cultures this art is carried out for centuries and the resulted recipes are transmitted to the next generation. Every country, every culture or tribe has his own taste predilections and therefore own Seasonings.

In our on-line shop you find aromatic mixed herbs and Seasonings from all over the world. Decide for yourself on which culinary journey you go. Draw inspirations and try them for yourself.

We have different African seasonings as for example: Harissa, Berbere, Raz el Hanout, Tsire... The African cuisine is spicy and liked in the whole world

Or dive into the Indian cuisine and try out a curry, Masala or single Indian spices like cardamom

All our seasonings can also serve as base which you further refine..