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Nutmeg and Macis

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Nutmeg and Macis

Nutmeg and Its Macis

Ceylon is known for its production of the best Nutmeg and Cinnamon in the world. Nutmeg is used in a variety of dishes. Needed to make the Famous Béchamel. The Macis also Macis Flower is actually the coat of the nutmeg and has a strong but good smelling, intriguing perfume. Its taste is similar to the nutmeg but more flowery and fine.

Utilization of Nutmeg and Macis

Nutmeg is used in the Christmas bakery, mashed potatoes, Gratins, Spinach, Cheese meals and a lot more.

It is important to take out the Macis after cooking, before serving because of its very intense flavor. In general is the macis used in very small amounts (grinded).

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