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Fleur de sel with Chili Chipotle green

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Fleur de sel with Chili Chipotle Green

Fleur de Sel with Chili Chipotle green

Fleur de Sel (Gourmet Salt) 100 % natural

Its purity, color and taste is the result of a complete hand made production. This Fleur de Sel produces itself on the surface to the Indian ocean through the perfect conditions of the nature. For a natural production of fleur de Sel the ocean needs a lot of sun and perfect wind conditions. In the early hours of the morning the women of the village go and take the Fleur de Sel and let it dry again under the sun. Fleur de Sel contains a lot of sodium, Jod, Magnesium and Calcium. Because of the high consistency of magnesium is the salt very good to prepare food for children.

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